All-22: Scouting Texas WR Collin Johnson

Route Running

Collin Johnson’s route running starts with his releases against press coverage, as he’s able to defeat contact with an arsenal of hand usage. He’s able to move laterally well for his length, allowing for some separation in his stem. Flexible and explosive, especially for his size, there is potential in his movements to continue developing as a route runner.

Johnson has developed his stems during his time in college, changing the angles and threatening the leverage of defensive backs. There have been reps where he’s forced cornerbacks into speed turns, or used different angles to attack zone coverage. Johnson has a presence over the middle, sifting through coverages and settling into zones. Due to the danger of letting him stack vertically, most defensive backs give his cushion at the line of scrimmage, opening up the curl window.

Johnson’s weakness as a route runner comes at the top of his route, as he lacks nuance or variation out of his breaks. He allows defensive backs to stick to his hip out of breaks, lacking acceleration or an additional move at the top of his route. If he’s unable to create separation by beating press coverage or in his stem, he’s forced into contested situations.


Johnson does well to get vertical after hauling in receptions, wasting no time at getting upfield. While he’s definitely a strider, he lacks any elusiveness in tight quarters to make defenders miss. Due to his stride length, he has functional long speed when he’s able to get into the open field, but these instances are a rarity.

Hands / Ball Skills / Body Control

Johnson’s best weapon as a pass catcher is his body control, as he’s able to expand his catch radius both vertically and horizontally. His ability to win above the rim have flashed during his time at Texas, able to extend and work his way back towards the football. Mostly strong hands and able to win through contact, but his long arms is what makes him dangerous when contested.

Effortlessly adjusts his frame in order to be in a position to make receptions. Both along the boundary and in the air, Johnson is a certified accuracy fixer.

Stalk Blocking

Johnson is one of the better stalk blocking wide receivers in the NFL Draft class, as he utilizes his length to the fullest. Johnson will show off his physicality, and can be dominant when he does. He needs to do a better job of sinking his hips to really dominate smaller defensive backs, but his lateral agility and size make him effective in space. 


  • Senior Bowl
  • Team Captain
  • Productive: Over 2,600 receiving yards during his college career


  • Suffered injury during Senior season

Best Trait

Body Control / Catch Radius

Worst Trait

Top Of Route

Round Grade

3rd Round Value

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