All-22: Scouting Oklahoma IDL Neville Gallimore


Gallimore is a bully when it comes to his block shedding in 1-on-1 situations. Active, quick hands and mixes in a violent swim and push-pull move. His thick, compact frame is difficult for offensive lineman to get underneath, and Gallimore’s explosiveness out of his stance allows him to win the leverage battle more often than not. Does a good job of staying low when engaged, and rarely gets pushed off the line of scrimmage against base blocks. Effective working laterally down the line of scrimmage, beating reach blocks and chasing down plays with an incredible motor. Active, relentless defensive lineman who will follow pullers when the opportunity presents itself.

Pass Rush

Gallimore garnered more attention from offenses this season, yet still finished with the best sack and tackle for loss production of his career. Too often throughout his career, Gallimore struggled to read “high hat” or the pass sets of opposing offensive lineman. This limited his initial moves, and forced him to take paths towards the quarterback that weren’t optimal. He improved in this regard in 2019, but still isn’t a natural pass rusher. Gallimore can cause disruption on the interior, shrinking the pocket without accumulating sack production. He’s shown enough progress in this aspect to suggest he can stay on the field in passing situations in the NFL.

Block Shedding

Gallimore’s explosiveness allows him to get into the pads of offensive lineman before they’re able to get two solid feet in the ground, putting him at an advantage at the point of attack. His hands remain active throughout the game, preventing the opposition from being in total control of most blocks. On top of that, he’s developed in his arsenal of hand strikes. While Gallimore doesn’t possess great length, he does a good job of utilizing his extension for a strong push-pull move against select interior offensive lineman. 

Gap Discipline

Gallimore does a good job of taking on blocks straight ahead, but he can be a touch slow to process when he’s getting doubled or when he’s attempting to extend and read the backfield. While he does a good job to not allow push, he can get swallowed a bit by double teams when playing the shade. Despite generally winning the leverage battle, he’ll be slow to disengage from a block as the running back works through his gap.

Best Trait

Athleticism / Motor

Worst Trait

Processing Blocks

Round Grade

Second Round Value

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