All-22: Scouting Baylor WR Denzel Mims

Route Running

Mims is an intelligent, experienced route runner who is developed in a lot of the necessary qualities needed for the next level. He’s ultra-aware of how he uses his hands to fight off any jam from the defensive back, being varied in how he disengages. He’s shows hesitations at the line of scrimmage and in his stem, as well as a lateral shiftiness not normally seen in a player with his length. He’s shown good speed on horizontal breaks, but is at his best attacking vertically. Will stack defensive backs when given the opportunity, as well as force them back on their heels with double moves.

Strong enough to separate with physicality at the top of the route when necessary, which can be effective against the more athletic cornerbacks he faces. Does a great job with his pacing, changing speed in his stem and using his natural explosiveness. 

Mims is an effective route runner for a boundary “X” receiver, though there can be instances where his technique at the top of the route can get sloppy. He’s not immune to the extra step to decelerate or raising his shoulder pad level in his stem, slowing down a 90 degree cut.


Mims is a fantastic overall athlete, stemming all the way back to his days participating in track and field. With distributed strength, he can be a difficult tackle in space for most defensive backs. However, he’s not the most elusive nor the most powerful ball carrier, limited the amount of splash plays after the catch. On top of that, Mims is hyper-focused on bringing the ball in, an admirable trait, but one that means he is rarely sprinting through a catchpoint for extra yards after the catch.

Hands / Ball Skills / Body Control

Mims’ catch radius is one of the most expanded I’ve ever seen in a wide receiver prospect. He has the body control and ball skills combination to make some preposterous receptions away from his body. Seemingly no matter the angle in which he has to extend, the position of the defensive back or area of the field, Mims is capable of making the reception. Concentration and body control receptions along the boundary are a revelation. On top of these traits, Mims has the length to compete in this area at the next level.

While he’s capable of making absurd grabs, he can allow the ball to be pried away from his hands on occasion. You’d like to see a more authoritative rip into his body once he gets his hands on passes, and there has been the occasional drop throughout his career. There have been lapses in his tracking of some of the more elementary passes. Generally, however, Mims is a steady possession presence on the edge of the formation.

Stalk Blocking

Mims has a good motor, and can be pretty physical as a blocker against smaller defensive backs. When he extends away from his body, he can control and dominate blocks. When a fellow receiver or running back break into space, you can see the desperation in Mims to cut off any pursuit. However, there are some cases where he could be more aggressive at the top of his blocking stem, closing down space and remaining in attack mode. 


  • Productive: Over 2,800 receiving yards and 27 receiving touchdowns over the past three seasons

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