All-22: Scouting LSU CB Kristian Fulton

Man Coverage

Kristian Fulton is varied in what he’s asked to do coverage-wise, but usually at his best when playing press man coverage. He’s shifty in his midsection, allowing him to transition from press easily and lock on to the hips of wide receivers. Showed the athleticism necessary to match speedy receivers such as Henry Ruggs III vertically when he uses a simple outside transition. When Fulton is playing with inside leverage, he’s difficult to beat across his face and is stick on any in-breaking route. He’s patient at the line of scrimmage when playing man coverage in the redzone, washing routes towards the sideline and sticking to them.

Fulton will occasionally shoot his outside hand and whiff in the jam. On top of that, he can be over-reliant on his speed turn because he exposes his blind spot when playing bail coverage. In the Texas game, he too often allowed easy inside paths and curl windows because of a sloppiness in his bail technique. When he’s backpedaling, his jam is usually weak and clunky.

Zone Coverage

Fulton has solid zone instincts, passing routes off with ease with his eyes in the backfield. Strong, strong downhill when he gives a cushion and attacks underneath routes. Can melt into deep routes in his zone, as he’s able to undercut balls and play them in the air. 

Athleticism / Change of Direction

Fulton has a solid physical profile and NFL-quality athleticism for a cornerback, and his flexibility and change of direction leads to fluid transitions. While there can be the occasional false step as there is with most collegiate cornerbacks, Fulton rarely gets beaten over the top because of his transitions. 

Ball Skills

Fulton has outstanding ball skills when he’s allowed to attack downhill or is trailing routes over the middle. When he gets his eyes to the football early in his close, he generally disrupts the catchpoint or gets a pass breakup. On top of that, Fulton does well to play through the hands of receivers when he’s out of phase. 

Fulton’s ball skills can falter downfield when he’s looking and leaning, as there were reps where he misjudged the ball and allowed receptions over his head. He can drift away from the catchpoint or take a less than desirable path as he judges the deep ball.

Tackling / Run Support

Fulton is generally disinterested in tackling, and too often fails to stick his nose into plays. He can get knocked off the spot by more physical wide receivers, then fails to disengage from blocks in time to mix it up with ball carriers. He’s much too passive attacking the run game from generally any alignment. When he does get into the tackle, he grabs on and holds on for dear life or tries to trip up the ball carrier’s ankles.

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