All-22: Scouting Washington OC Nick Harris

Run Blocking

Nick Harris does excellent work on back blocks, especially with his quickness and footwork. He has strength in his upper body to torque defenders and get them off-balance. Finishes defensive lineman who attempt to cross his face.

He shows NFL-level physicality on combination blocks and double teams, as well as the natural mobility to thrive on outside zone schemes. Excellent technique on inside zone, working to get foot-to-foot with his guards and easily maneuvering up to the second level while staying square. Strong in how he latches on to defensive lineman, grippy. Shows proper, low pad-level when tasked with blocking straight ahead.

Pass Blocking

Strong, sound base in pass protection against nose tackles. Allows minimal penetration due to quick hand strikes out of his stance and an immediate replace as he sinks his hips to anchor. Quick processor on second-level blitzes, picking them up and recoiling against smaller defenders. Harris can be a bit slow to see defensive line stunts and work laterally to mirror, but has stretches of dominance in 1-on-1 situations. 


Despite moving to center during his collegiate career, Harris is sound in a lot of areas. He does a phenomenal job of fighting to stay square, especially in zone blocking and as he works upfield. His best work is when nose tackles try to stunt to the opposite “A” gap, as his combination of footwork and upper body power makes him dangerous. 

Harris isn’t immune to getting push-pulled by quicker interior defensive lineman, and seemingly is a function of him not possessing length in his arms. This feature could concern NFL teams as he’s undersized for a center at just 6’1.


  • Team Captain
  • 41 career starts at both guard spots and center

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